Donna Marcotte’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Estero

Donna Marcotte’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Estero

Sellers listing their homes on the Estero real estate market have plenty of perks working in their favor, such as the glorious beaches nearby, an upscale shopping and dining scene, and premier golf courses with a Gulf Coast view. Buyers will be counting on a stellar community and a home to match when starting their search. Follow this ultimate guide for the best chance at a successful sale.

Decide if now is the time to sell

Selling a home is a serious decision that sellers should consider thoroughly, taking into account personal timing and the local market fluctuations. Sellers should carefully research the value of their properties and their ability to make a profitable sale. If sellers don’t have enough home equity built up, they may want to wait to sell later.

When a seller is ready to move on from their current home and community, they should research local market trends and seasonality. It’s best to list a property in a seller’s market, which is when housing inventory is low and buyer demand is high. This gives sellers more of an opportunity to negotiate for a higher price, and they will likely receive plenty of higher offers. Seasonally, it’s best to list a property in the spring, as that’s when most buyers start their search.

Partner with a local agent

The most effective way to ensure a successful selling journey is to consult a professional local agent for expert guidance. Real estate agents are invaluable resources when selling a home, as they have a thorough understanding of market trends in the area, which they’ll use to price their client’s property competitively. Agents also have a professional network of connections to service providers that sellers will need along the way, such as a home inspector, expert photographer, and home constructor. Throughout the process, an agent will be available to explain the next steps and resolve any issues that arise.

Make repairs and select upgrades

After connecting with a top-notch local agent, sellers should start thinking about which repairs and upgrades might help their Estero home sell faster. To uncover any significant issues, many sellers choose to order a pre-listing inspection in which an inspector will thoroughly evaluate the property for any areas of concern. This gives the seller the opportunity to address any repair needs before putting the home on the market. This eliminates the risk of an offer falling through later in the process and can reassure buyers that the property is structurally sound and in excellent condition. During this time, sellers should complete any minor repairs themselves, like oiling squeaky hinges, filling holes in the walls, or replacing broken light bulbs.

Sellers can also complete home upgrades to boost their property’s value and attract more interest from prospective buyers. Home upgrades with an exceptionally high ROI include minor bathroom renovations, minor kitchen renovations, landscaping upgrades, and bedroom conversions. Most importantly, home upgrades should align with the property types in the area and the features that buyers want to see. Your agent can provide guidance in these areas to ensure you’re making upgrades that will lead to higher profit at the closing table.

Stage the home for professional photos

To make a listing stand out on the digital screen, professional photos make all the difference. The key to a great photo is expert staging. To start, show buyers that the home has been well maintained by deep cleaning and decluttering all rooms. Mop and sweep the floors, dust off all surfaces, clean out the cabinets and closets, and wipe down the windows for a spotless look. A fresh coat of paint also goes a long way in making the home’s interior appear crisp and fresh.

When each room is ready, sellers can start the staging process. First, depersonalize the space by taking down family photos and personal items, as this will help buyers imagine the home as their own. Then, redecorate in neutral tones like white, gray, and tan. In areas like Estero, where the outdoors is a main amenity, make sure all outdoor spaces are pristinely maintained and staged. Freshen up the front door with new paint, trim the landscaping, and add a new pot of flowers for color.

List on a local MLS

With the help of a local agent, sellers can list their homes on a local MLS. This official platform boosts a property’s visibility by making it available to buyers’ agents in the area. To market the listing, an agent will also place the property listing on their own website, use social media like Facebook or Instagram, and create digital resources like video or a virtual tour.

An agent will also market the property in person by setting a “for sale” sign in front of the home, sending out flyers, and scheduling home showings on a seller’s behalf. Your agent will coordinate and host open houses and tours, answering buyers’ questions as they walk through the property. It’s essential to keep your home clean in preparation for all tours. 

Negotiate with buyers

Your agent will guide you in determining how to respond to each offer you receive by evaluating the offer price, contingencies, and closing dates. You can accept an offer as it is, reject an offer, or make a counteroffer. An agent is also immensely helpful at this stage, as they’ll check a buyer’s credentials and can help you decide on the best course of action for your goals.

Ready to sell your Estero home?

When you’re ready to sell your Estero home, team up with an expert who promises exceptional customer attention and market insight. Contact esteemed local Realtor Donna Marcotte to guide you through the selling process. Donna is well-versed in the luxury housing scene in Southwest Florida, from Bonita Springs and Fort Myers to Estero real estate. Reach out to her when you’re ready to begin your selling journey.

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